Pre-Vis Virtural Camera

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Virtual Production is a new, visually dynamic, non-linear workflow. It blends virtual camera systems, advanced motion and performance capture, 3D software and practical 3D assets with real-time render display technology, enabling filmmakers to interactively visualize and explore digital scenes for the production of feature films and game cinematics.

Instead of keyframing, the MX virtual camera system lets you layout animated scenes the same way you would shoot live action ---the director can pan, tilt, dolly and crane his camera, all while watching on a jumbo monitor to see what it looks like in the virtual world.

This process offers the more hands-on director the ability to get in there and interact with the sequence in a way that is impossible with traditional previs tools.



As a project moves into production, the technical advantages of previs begin to take center stage. Real-world measurements are derived from the previs shots to help streamline the live-action setups. Similar shots can be grouped together to save time, and the need for specialty equipment, such as camera cranes, can be identified in advance.

Using real camera motion capture  drive 3D scene virtual camera to shoot, so that producers can actually consider camera angles, in the early filmmakers to find a better shooting angle, MX virtual camera allows producers can in a real environment shooting virtual scene, change the traditional key-frame production, but will cooperate with the Mox Motion capture system can be a true representation of the shooting, preview the final effects creation

Speed up virtual scene  shooting

Scenes using the virtual camera driver can greatly reduce the workload of pre-production, in addition to increasing realism, MX VCS virtual camera system also can effectively reduce production time frame is critical, real-time output and more effects of creative production, using the MX VCS virtual camera content creation, than the traditional, keyframe-based creative way much faster.


lMaintain an edit of the previs sequences in development

lPresent work-in-pregress to the production as requested

lSuggest solutions and provide options for the director to choose from

lEnsure that every shot is technically possible to achieve

lSupport the live-action shooting by providing camera statistics and setup diagrams

Ease Use

lIntuitive Windows software for real-time view, easy logging and export

lText data logging export to many software applications

lEnd to End software support