MOX Glove

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MoX Glove is a flexible, camera-less hand  motion capture solution. This portable system can be used indoors and outdoors.

Mox can be used in 3D character animation (for game, film, TV, advertising), Virtual Reality / Augments Reality, Training & Simulation, Sports science, Rehabilitation, Biomechanics research area.






lFlexible and easy to use

lReal-time previsualization

lSave post-processing time

lClean motion data

MoX Suit Hardware

l6~10 inertial motion trackers

lSpecial design & comfortable glove

lAdvantage strap-down sensor system

lWireless data transfer up to 100meter

lPortable case for easy transportation

MotionBox Studio Software

lReal-time visualization, recording, playback and editing mocap data

lReal-time streaming into Autodesk Motion builder ®, Maya®,Unity


lFreedom Movement, can be used in anywhere, office, outside, no special lab design

lCompletely wireless, no wire-line restrictions

lUse anywhere, under any lighting condition

lNo occlusion or line-of-sight restrictions

lFast click into the specially designed straps belt and mocap  sensor suit

lFriendly software for real-time Motion capture

lOpen API and SDK, easy for development

lSpecial design pipe line for 3D animation/ VR work

Motion Accuracy

lHigh performance inertial motion tracker

lAccuracy biomechanical human model with 23 segments


MotionBox Studio Software


lHand, wrist arm related output

lFast setup and calibration

lReal-time preview of 3D motion capture data

lFlexible development kits


MotionBox Bio-Professional

lCamera reference support

lC3D support

lMulti persons support

lReal-time and post-processing data analysis


MoX  motion data streaming

lMotion data streaming on the network(TCP/IP)

lMulti applications receive the motion data on the monitor

lAutodesk Motion Builder ® plug-in support in the data streaming


MotionBox  SDK

lEasy integration with custom applications

lReal time preview of motion capture data

lEasy and quick calibration

lPre-recorded mocap files for post-processing

lSupport real-time 3D position aiding input

lOption  data support: 3D position, 3D orientation, 3D acceleration, 3D velocity, 3D angular rate, 3D angular acceleration


MoX Engine SDK

lEasy integration program and source code support

l3D character porting display

lEngine directly output motion data ( .dll )

lSupport the third party position and orientation data



WHO need us? 


In the innovating fields where motion and orientation tracking is needed, a realistic effect can be created by using the motion tracking devices, The design of a 3d video game or a movie with special effects require a huge work on 3d animations. VMSENS offers a low cost and easy to use solution for capturing humans, animals and objects movements. Placing our sensors on body segments allows you to track accurately movements in real time. No need for an expensive studio: our products can be used anytime, anywhere.



Virtual Reality & Simulation

Inertial Systems have a primary importance in virtual reality systems. We provide the smallest motion tracking devices for the applications, for example, to track head/ arms/legs movements. According to the segment orientation, the virtual reality system can change the view point in order to reflect, in real time, what you are looking at. By moving the sensor in your hand, you can also interact with virtual objects, just as if you hold the object for real.