MOX-Bio Motion Analysis

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MoX Suit is a flexible, camera-less full-body human motion capture solution. This portable system can be used indoors and outdoors.

Mox can be used in 3D character animation (for game, film, TV, advertising), Virtual Reality / Augments Reality, Training & Simulation, Sports science, Rehabilitation, Biomechanics research area.





l  Flexible and easy to use

l  Real-time previsualization

l  Save post-processing time

l  Clean motion data

MoX Suit Hardware

l  17 inertial motion trackers

l  Special design & comfortable motion capture suit

l  Advantage strap-down sensor system

l  Wireless data transfer up to 1000meter(Max)

l  Portable case for easy transportation

MotionBox Studio Software

l  Real-time visualization, recording, playback and editing mocap data

l  Export pop motion capture file formats .BVH and .FBX

l  Advanced human body model provides output of 23 body segments

l  Real-time streaming in to Autodesk Motion builder ®, Maya®,3DSMAX®


l  Freedom Movement, can be used in anywhere, office, outside, no special lab design

l  Completely wireless, no wire-line restrictions

l  Use anywhere, under any lighting condition

l  No occlusion or line-of-sight restrictions

l  Fast click into the specially designed straps belt and mocap  sensor suit

l  Friendly software for real-time Motion capture

l  Open API and SDK, easy for development

l  Special design pipe line for 3D animation work

Motion Accuracy

l  High performance inertial motion tracker

l  Accuracy biomechanical human model with 23 segments





MoX biomechanical model

l  With standard 23 segments human model

l  Each sensor calibration with initialize parameters

l  Scalable human model, can be adapted to Euro/ Asian/ human bodily form

l  Advance spine and shoulder parameter design, more detail in these segments

Body calibration

Flexible calibration tools, without assistance from a second person, every one can working the easy used tools

l  Base calibration can be done in 10 seconds, only with the “T” pose

l  Only the basic human body size parameter needed

l  Advanced calibration can be used  in high accuracy motion capture data

MoX Engine

Out put

l  Full body segment kinematics ( position, velocity, acceleration, orientation, angular velocity, angular acceleration)

Foot Slide

Advance  human body Permanent Joint Link  model (PJL), motion capture data more accuracy, no foot slide

Permanent  Floor Contact

With the improvement of ZVU algorithm , achieve the going stairs / climbing / walking without permanent contact with the ground, reducing the workload of mocap data adjustment

Updated rate

l  Internal update rate 120, 100, 60 Hz

Output frame rate120, 100, 80, 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 Hz


Environment disturbance

l  Short time of magnetic disturbances

l  EM disturbance

l  Open API support hybrid motion capture for the calibration of environment disturbance

Multi person capture

l  Support the 3rd party position input

l  Multi  person  in the same PC  and same 3D scene




MotionBox Studio Software


l  Fast setup and calibration

l  Real-time preview of 3D motion capture data

l  Flexible development kits

Output Format

l  .BVH (Biovision Hierarchical Data)

l  .FBX

l  3D position, 3D orientation, 3D acceleration, 3D velocity, 3D angular rate, 3D angular acceleration

MotionBox Bio-Professional

l  Camera reference support

l  C3D support

l  Multi persons support

l  Real-time and post-processing data analysis

MoX  motion data streaming

l  Motion data streaming on the network(TCP/IP)

l  Multi applications receive the motion data on the monitor

l  Autodesk Motion Builder ® plug-in support in the data streaming



MotionBox  SDK

l  Easy integration with custom applications

l  Real time preview of motion capture data

l  Easy and quick calibration

l  Pre-recorded mocap files for post-processing

l  Support real-time 3D position aiding input

l  Option  data support: 3D position, 3D orientation, 3D acceleration, 3D velocity, 3D angular rate, 3D angular acceleration


MoX Engine SDK

l  Easy integration program and source code support

l  3D character porting display

l  Engine directly output motion data ( .dll )

Support the third party position and orientation data


Powerful MotionBoX Posture Network Streaming  can direct, real-time interface with one or more MoX systems on different Application & PC


The third party support

l  Motion Builder

l  Matlab

l  LabVIEW

l  Worldviz Vizard

l  Virtools

l  Virtual Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN


WHO need us? 


In the innovating fields where motion and orientation tracking is needed, a realistic effect can be created by using the motion tracking devices, The design of a 3d video game or a movie with special effects require a huge work on 3d animations. VMSENS offers a low cost and easy to use solution for capturing humans, animals and objects movements. Placing our sensors on body segments allows you to track accurately movements in real time. No need for an expensive studio: our products can be used anytime, anywhere.



Virtual Reality & Simulation

Inertial Systems have a primary importance in virtual reality systems. We provide the smallest motion tracking devices for the applications, for example, to track head/ arms/legs movements. According to the segment orientation, the virtual reality system can change the view point in order to reflect, in real time, what you are looking at. By moving the sensor in your hand, you can also interact with virtual objects, just as if you hold the object for real.



Biomechanical, Gait Analysis & Rehabilitation

Motion capture is ideal for a wide range of sports applications, both as a research tool and in training situations. Physical limitations and movement optimization are of great interest in the prevention of injuries to athletes.

In addition to biomechanical studies, motion capture may be used to study how external, psychological factors affect balance, movement ability and performance. The VMSENS motion tracking & analysis system is widely used in the sport science, human motion analysis field, the human motion tracking and analysis results can speed the human motion analysis of and promote the interdisciplinary researches.

Traditional systems for capturing human movement require expensive and fixed infrastructures that define and limit the subject to a specific tracked volume. The VMSENS wireless motion tracker offers a sourceless solution that allows the subject to move freely in any environment.